Inspiration Nation

I never get tired of looking at other paper artists and how crazy talented people are. I can spend hours on Pinterest and blogs drooling over intricate amazing work all day but the one that really did it for me today is the work by Calvin Nicolls 

His stuff are unlike anything I've ever seen before. It looks like it's made of wood or something. My mind was blown! It's still blown. I can stare at them for days. I wish I can see them in person!

Busy busy busy

I almost forgot what it was like to blog, I've left it for so long. I've been quite busy recently doing commission work. I love it though and every piece I've worked on has been a lot of fun. Here are some I've done over the last couple of weeks:

If you're interested in seeing how I make these cutouts, I'll be participating in an event called SNAG. It's at the Cobalt (916 Main Street, Vancouver) and what it is a weekly live painting event but the week that I'm part of it, instead of painting it's going to be craft themed. I was asked to paper cut in front of people for a few hours and the pieces that are made that night by me and the other artists will be raffled out at the end. 

I loved the idea of this and I was so stoked to have gotten the email. It'll be on September 7 from 9pm til around 1am. I know, I know. It's a Wednesday. But it'll be fun! There will also be an art market happening that night as well. 



Wow what a crazy week it's been. I was so busy trying to get my setup for the Eastside Flea Market ready, fine tuning all the little details. It turned out great! I met a lot of really cool people, customers and vendors alike and had a blast being able to talk about my work. It was also great seeing what other people were selling. It was hard to be there all day and not buy anything! hahah Here are some pictures of what my booth looked like:


I'm so grateful to everyone who came out and showed their support especially to my sisters Cassy and Cammy and friend, Laura who helped me slave away the night before like real troopers that they are. It helps a lot when your support system is strong.

Back to Basics

I was thinking of ways to improve my skills on paper cutting. I think the biggest challenge and setback I've always faced was not knowing how to draw. Whenever I tried, I got so frustrated that they weren't coming out how I imagined that I would give up. Sure I can draw lines and put them together to look cool but anything real and not abstract, I can't do it for the life of me. So I thought, the best way to improve is to finally take the plunge and learn to draw. I think I'm going to take it slow. Just draw something once a day. Or maybe start with a basic class. Either way I have to start somewhere. One way I like to practice drawing is by tracing over pictures. And it has such a neat effect.